Void and Form
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Artist Feature: Conor Harrington

Blending realistic imagery with an urban graffiti style is one of the signifying characteristics of Conor Harrington’s work. Bold colors and heavy brushstrokes go right alongside period garments and antique furniture. Bringing together art history, political history, and contemporary aesthetics marks Harrington’s creations with a unique appearance.     The piece titled “Fight Club (The […]

Tags: Artist Feature, Painting

Artist feature: Jeremy Geddes

Jeremy Geddes name has become synonymous with photo realism, especially regarding images that appear to suspend time and gravity. His most famous series titled “Cosmonauts” feature various individuals suited for exploration flying amidst doves, crashing to earth, or otherwise floating in space. These images speak to audiences familiar with stop-motion animation, technology, and man-made environments. […]

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Artist Feature: KAWS

KAWS could be incorrectly categorized as part of the trending sweep of street artists now housed in gallery settings. However, as a classically trained artist who attended traditional art school in New York, KAWS, born as Brian Connelly, is a bit of an oddball. Citing inspiration from Claes Oldenburg, KAWS produces visual works that are […]