Void and Form

Yet Another Art Site?

As the creator of the music site Has it Leaked, which has a broad audience, it’s been a goal of mine to utilize the site’s traffic and showcase the relation between art and music. The relation is not only present in album covers or music videos; we can see how new forms of culture spring to life in a similar fashion in both the music and art scene when combining music and art. The genres, expressions, communication and creativity share the same struggles, brilliance, inspiration and adoration within both worlds. So with my music experience I’m taking me and those who want to follow and heading towards the mash-up between visual art and music. And make no mistake, I’m here to support the artist which ignores and rips out the intellectually rigorous and often elitist establishment that is a part of the art scene. It’s all about what you like and what you don’t like, without any accolades or pricing.

What Kind Of Visual Art Will Be Showcased?

Burgeoning artists with striking visuals. Often labeled, but misguidedly referred to as street art or lowbrow. I want to put a spotlight on the ones circumventing the gallery system and, often because they are forced to, create their own arena. Most artists showcased on the site happen to have this in common, but are never selected because of it. My curation is only based on my selective and subjective taste. The subjective thing that grasps, provokes, excites and evokes something. But often or not, I’m not alone in liking the art, and hopefully our exploration into this arena will make for even more art-hungry minds. With me are talented contributors who a non-pretentious writing perspective which is sorely needed within the art scene.

Why Music Videos?

Even with its commercial agenda, MTV set a high standard by supplying us with both a stage and talent. Even on what seemed to be endless repeat – Beastie Boys Sabotage, Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker, most of Madonna’s work and even Jonas Åkerlund and the Prodigy’s as-X-rated-as-can-be Smack My Bitch Up are but a few highlights. While MTV spiraled down into reality TV in the early 2000’s, YouTube has filled the void. While there’s a lot to say about the lack of diversity and run-of-the-mill creativity, the music video format is still one of my favorite art forms. If done right, it utilizes a symbiosis between two forms of art to create something new, with the power to push all senses. And there’s no lack of talented directors, but aside from music sites posting year-end lists, it’s not easy to find the hidden video gems. Hopefully, this is where Void And Form finds its place.

Be A Part Of It

Submit your work, recommend a video, share a Tumblr or Instagram profile or even request an article. E-mail, tweet us or comment on our posts. By running a music site I’ve learnt that blurring out the line between the publisher and you, the reader, is when breaking ground and new creative input emerge. And finally, I’ll leave you with the spark that, one late night, made the puzzle pieces fit together and formed the site you see today. While it’s one of many inspirations for the site and its name, the unquestionable impact of one song is what makes my love for the driving force of passion, so strong. Here is the song Void and Form by Toydrum, accompanied by the art of Kai And Sunny. Thank you for reading and I’ll make sure to work hard to bring you something worth your time.



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